Plane hits speeding calf

JAKARTA, Jan 28, 2008 (AFP) - An airliner with 141 passengers hit a calf while landing at an airport in Indonesia's easternmost province of Papua, the state Antara news agency reported Monday.
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The Merpati Nusantara Airlines Boeing 737 was landing at Merauke airport in southwest Papua when the calf ran across the runway, the agency said.

The Boeing suffered damage its left engine but no one was injured, the head of the airport, Herson, told Antara.

"A calf ran very fast from Jati village on the eastern side of the airport and the airplane couldn't avoid it," Herson said, adding that the airport was not fully fenced in.

The report did not say if the calf was killed.

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Airport safety across Indonesia has come under the spotlight following a string of deadly air accidents in past years.
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