Plot Thickens

Pramuka Banks crisis deepened this week with courts issuing orders on the senior management not to leave the country.
But Pramuka Chief Rohan Perera has already left the country. rn

rnMeanwhile employee shareholders who formed a Stakeholders Association would be meeting again this week. rn

rnThe bribery commission began its investigations into the alleged kickbacks to public officials who placed deposits at Pramuka Bank.rn

rnThough only Pramuka is under investigation industry watchers say the practice of paying kickbacks is fairly widespread, and it is not limited to the smaller banks.rn

rnThe Pramuka Employees Association who called upon the senior management to resign at a meeting on Monday, later urged Central Bank to take whatever steps to safeguard the depositors and the bank.rn

rnEmployees also formed a Stakeholders Association, which is open to all depositors and shareholders of Pramuka.rn

rnMeanwhile the authorities sought a court order to prevent the senior management from leaving