PM hails Sri Lanka’s constitutional reform in address to Maldivian legislature

Sri Lanka's PM Ranil Wickremesinghe addressing the Maldivian Parliament

September 3, 2019 (LBO) – Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is on an official visit to the Maldives where he has recently addressed the Maldivian Parliament. He will also chair the Indian Ocean Summit on his multi-day visit.

In his address to the Maldivian Parliament, he cited the democratic achievements of his government with significant focus on the 19th amendment. He hailed the democratic aspects of the amendment which forces the legislature and the executive of the country to collaborate and share power. He also hailed the constitutional council, independent commissions and the independence of the judiciary.

Addressing a legislative body that has seen its share of upheaval, he explained the benefits of Sri Lanka’s constitutional reform, and the checks and balances that have come with it. He also reiterated his commitment to the abolition of the executive presidency in Sri Lanka.

Throughout his remarks he expressed gratitude to the delegation from the Maldives that visited Sri Lanka shortly after the Easter Sunday terror attacks in a show of solidarity. He also affirmed his commitment to align with the Maldives on the crucial issue of global warming which threatens the very existence of the archipelago.

Despite the tumultuous tenure of Sri Lankan Prime Minister Wickremesinghe’s government, significant gains have been achieved by way of constitutional reform. Wickremesinghe aims to extend those gains as a likely candidate in Sri Lanka’s presidential election come three months time. Wickremesinghe enjoys the significant confidence of Sri Lanka’s minority populations, which include Tamils and Muslims. He also has a high standing with many global leaders personally and the international community at large.

The Maldives is a Muslim nation with approximately 400,000 citizens. They have achieved relative prosperity in South Asia with a per capita GNP of over US$15,000, far above its neighbours in the region.

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