Podi Salli

The Sri Lankan government will go in front of a select band of bilateral donors end November to muster financial support for its preliminary development work in the North and East. rn

rnCabinet spokesperson, Prof G L Peiris says the government is working with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam on identifying immediately needed development work in the war ravaged region. rn

rnHe added that the quantum of assistance sought from the donors at the ldblquote mini pledging conference
dblquote tipped to be held in Oslo, Norway, would be decided only after the projects were identified. rn

rnMonies from the ldblquote mini pledging conference
dblquote would primarily fund humanitarian programmes, Prof Peiris told journalists. rn

rnMeanwhile, in mid 2003 the government will once again meet donors for a fully-fledged pledging conference in Tokyo.rn

rnWith peace well on the way, the government expects donor nations to be more generous in pumping funds into countrywide development programmes. rn


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