Portable Cabin

Dec 06, 2010 (LBO) – Logiventures, a unit of Sri Lanka’s Hayleys group, expects an anticipated post-war construction boom to increase demand for its portable cabins made of converted cargo containers, a statement said. Since our Convertainers most often accommodate people in site offices, workshops, sanitary units and similar applications, quality management systems pertaining to the conversion process are particularly important,” said Jayanetti. The company, part of Logiventures, the Hayleys group’s logistic services specialist, said it also exports its ‘Convertainer’ cabins to India, Maldives, Thailand and Africa.

Janitha Jayanetti, General Manager of Logiventures, said the company expects an increase in local demand as a result of the impending construction boom in the country.

The island’s 30-year ethnic war ended in May 2009 resulting in accelerating economic growth.

Logiventures has custom-designed, fabricated, furnished and delivered more than 1,000 convertainers for use in Sri Lanka and overseas.

They are used as accommodation units, medical facilities, multiple shower and toilet units, dormitories, product display units, restaurants, and in one case as a fully equipped bank branch i

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