Poverty Alleviation Party

The Samurdhi program is getting a clean up in an attempt to get back on track with the scheme
quote s original objective.rn

rnWhile, some poverty alleviation has been taking place, high politicization of the scheme has prevented it from helping the poor at large.rn

rnThe restructuring of Samurdhi attempts to rid it of its politics and inefficiency.rn

rnUnder the plan Samurdhi officials and banks and will have to meet performance criteria while the poor will have to prove they deserve assistance.rn

rnAt the Samurdhi office in Malabe, welfare recipients queue up to pay loan interests and seek more assistance.rn

rnThis however maybe the last time recipients could get assistance over the counter easily.rn

rnOngoing restructuring of the Samurdhi scheme demands recipients justify their membership.rn

rnOfficials are also under pressure to cut down on the benefits bill.rn

rnActive Samurdhi recipients like Sunanda Fernando are aware of the coming changes.rn

rnldblquote There is a lack of officers in

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