Power Ministry will present short-term solution for power issue to President on 22nd


Mar 16, 2016 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s President will be presented with a committee report containing the short term solution for the recent island-wide power failures on 22nd March, the Power Minister said.

“Today the committee met for the first time and are scheduled to meet again on Thursday and other investigation reports will be handed to the Ministry on the 21st and so by the 22nd we will make an assessment,” Thilak Siyabalapitiya, Minister, Power and Renewable Energy said.

“With all this information gathered together we will recommend a short term solution for the power issue that the island is facing. This committee report will be presented to the President on the 22nd.”

A long- term solution will be reached in the next three months, he added.

Sri Lanka’s power grid failed three times this year and twice in a single day, last Sunday with senior CEB officials publicly apologizing for the failure.

Meanwhile, following allegations of sabotage the President on Monday deployed the military to protect key installations.

In the last decade island-wide outages were triggered when a large power station went out of the system or tripped but this time, a weak point in the transmission network seemed to have triggered the outage, senior official said at a recent forum on Monday.

“It is also believed that the second outage soon after power was restored was triggered to a second fault that had occurred in a circuit breaker which had got stuck, but was not discovered in time.”