Private Help

The countrys top business chamber is trying to raise private sector investments to support the governments development vision.
Ceylon Chamber says their annual convention in October will focus on the governments Regaining Sri Lanka vision, which seeks to create two million jobs over the next few years.rn

rnThe Chamber hopes that investments by the private sector, which have been slow to materialise despite the government creating the environment, will start picking up soon.rn

rnNew investments will be key to creating the new jobs.rn

rnBut chamber officials say that the private sector is risk averse as there is still no permanent peace solution.rn

rnldblquote Except for huge conglomerates the rest of our private sector is risk averse. Second, although there is peace at the moment for huge investment, they are not sure,
dblquote says Deva Rodrigo, Vice Chairman, CCCrn

rnAnnual Business Convention, while not offering solutions for any of these problems, will try to facilitate the private sector