Private Tuition

The private sector will absorb 5,000 unemployed graduates under a revamped graduate assistance programme.
The Sarasavi Saviya Programme, the successor to the PA governments Tharuna Aruna project, is being planned to provide up to 10,000 jobs under the first phase due to end by December 2003. rn

rnMinister of Employment and Labour, Mahinda Samarashighe told reporters on Monday that the private sector had identified over 5,000 vacancies to be filled immediately.rn

rnUnder the programme, graduates will be placed in private firms for eight months for on the job training, with four more months devoted to acquiring IT and English language skills. rn

rnThe programme will pay the Rs. 4000.00 per month to the graduate, channelled through the employer, with the firm topping it with a minimum Rs. 2000.00. rn

rnFor the IT and English language training, the programme will pay either the participating firm or a third party Rs. 40,000.00 to educate the graduates on the two subjects. rn

rnThe World Bank has