Programming languages in 2021: here are 5 of the most sought-after ones.

Old is gold – and the same applies to programming languages as well! Albeit being in the forefront for a substantial period of time, these 5 programming languages are still of topmost priority, even in 2021.


In the arena of programming languages, Java is pretty much evergreen. Developed during the mid-90’s and now owned by Oracle, this open-source programming language is a hit with millions of developers around the world, for a few good reasons.

Its versatility makes it a good choice for developing pretty much any kind of application – from bespoke enterprise software to website development for the masses. Code from Java is highly reusable, hence the phrase ‘write once, run anywhere’.


Another mainstream favourite in the field of frontend development, JavaScript, together with CSS and HTML, form the foundation for applications that are user-friendly as they are interactive. Used to incorporate a variety of dynamic elements to web applications, JavaScript has long since been a language of choice for frontend developers especially – and is here to stay, owing to its flexible capabilities.


Again, PHP is a classic programming language for server-side scripting in web and application development. But just like the others, it has stood the test of time for well over 2 decades due to its powerful capabilities.

Blending in with JavaScript, HTML and CSS, PHP elevates the competencies of these 3 languages by offering data rendering from the server-side. This means that vast amounts of data need not be stored on the client-side alone – which can make for slow and clunky websites.

As a result, PHP is a boon for fast page loads, which can benefit SEO as well as user engagement.


Known for its English language-like syntax and high readability, Python is a general-purpose scripting language that blends well with database systems. Now commonly used for numerous AI applications, Python’s simplicity has been one of the biggest driving factors for its popularity among developers.

However, what also sets Python apart is the fact that it deploys codes during build-time, as opposed to runtime. This makes applications developed with Python not only faster but more accurate, since bugs can be identified from the build stage itself.


Sharing syntax similarities with Java, Kotlin is also interoperable with it – and the preferred language for Android app development. Developed by JetBrains, Kotlin has been open-source for the majority of time that it has been around. While it is most widely associated with the development of Android applications, it is also a great component for frontend web and desktop applications.

In a nutshell…

New technologies are always mushrooming into existence, and the world of programming languages is no exception. However, many older languages form to be the base structures for many a digital application – and developers always reach out for these whenever there’s a need to build something new.

Ultimately, which programming language will be most suitable for your requirements is one that’s best decided by your development team. As a business owner or leader, you can contribute to the right choice, by making your business objectives crystal clear.

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