May 22, 2013 (LBO) – Web searching in Sri Lanka for consumer products have rocketed with rapidly falling device and access prices, giving opportunities for radically different ways of doing business, a Google official said. “The search trends for all categories in Sri Lanka have increased anywhere between 12 to 25 times, be it automobile category be it computers and electronics,” Anand Tilak, regional manager – agency business and sales development at Google, a search engine said at a business forum in Colombo.

“The graph always looks the same because there is a phenomenal growth in which the consumers in Sri Lanka are relying on search for looking for information.”

Tilak was speaking at ‘Building Resilient Brands,’ a high level marketing forum involving local and international participants, hosted by LBO-LBR, a multimedia news provider.

Tilak says the growth seen in digital information consumption in the last two years has exceeded that of the previous ten years, driven by rapidly falling prices of laptops, mobile devices and internet connections, especially in emerging markets.

Access spends have also gone up, with buffering video falls declining.

“People are spending a lot of time on consuming d