PUCSL seeks public views on electric vehicle charging stations


Sept 13, 2017 (LBO) – The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL), the electricity sector regulator, said it is seeking public views on issues related to electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS) in order to identify and draft the required regulatory tools.

The Government empowered PUCSL to establish a register of charging stations under CEB and LECO, issue code of practice, determine end user tariffs, issue safety and other technical standards and collect information for monitoring purposes.

Also, approval was granted to amend the Sri Lanka Electricity Act enabling regulatory intervention enabling PUCSL to enforce user tariffs, licensing as well as safety and technical standards.

Registration of electric motor cars in Sri Lanka has increased from 90 in the year 2014 to 3,238 in the year 2015.

Total registration of electric motor cars during 2011-2016 is approximately 4,349 in Sri Lanka. Apart from electric motor cars, Sri Lanka also has a limited number of electric motor tricycles, motorcycles, dual purpose vehicles and single cabs.

Around 50 privately owned Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS) are operating in the country, covering all major towns. They cater to the growing number of customers using electric vehicles, but remain unregulated due to lack of proper legislation.

PUCSL said it invites stakeholders views, suggestions, recommendation, concerns and comments related to following areas:

a) Requirement of maintaining and updating a register of authorized EVCS at CEB and LECO
b) Code of practices for EVCS
c) Determination of end user tariffs, safety and other technical standards for EVCS
d) Rights and Obligations Statement for consumers of EVCS
e) Issues faced by EVCS and consumers of such centres
f) Issues related to residential charging facilities

PUCSL wishes to introduce a regulatory mechanism to safeguard the rights of EVCS, consumers of such places in terms of economic, technical and safety aspects.

The draft consultation paper is now available at www.pucsl.gov.lk. A printed copy of this report also is available at the Information Centre of the Commission. Those who are interested can submit their written comments/submissions to the Commission by post/fax or e-mail and online via www.pucsl.gov.lk on or before 04th of October 2017.

Further, PUCSL plans to hold an oral submission on the same. The venue and the date of the meeting will be communicated to the interested parties at an early date, PUCSL said.

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