PwC’s Academy workshop on Strategic Business Performance Management


PwC’s academy has organised a high end executive education programme aimed at C-suite executives and financial professionals to provide latest insights on business performance management in emerging markets. This will be held on the 29 & 30 May, 2017, at the Kingsbury hotel.

Programme will be delivered by Haydn Pound, an adjunct faculty at INSEAD and the London Business School. Haydn is an experienced consultant with a broad background in business and management, including organisational development consulting, strategy development and implementation and organisational/process design. Haydn has served as a consultant for the Boston Consulting Group in Australia. Prior to that he worked in Melbourne, Chicago and Manchester with PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he was a manager in the firm’s Taxation and Technology consulting group.

Every organisation has ambitions to create and implement effective strategies that would deliver value to its stake holders and society. In order to achieve this, organisations invoke rigorous strategic planning processes each year to set the benchmark for better performance. Internal performance measurement systems play a crucial role in implementing these strategies. However, many organisations struggle to continuously and effectively monitor their business performance in volatile market conditions. Moreover, conventional methods of measuring business performance are also challenged by volatile business conditions.

There isn’t one bracket that fits all the approaches for performance measurement. Approaches differ from industry to industry, with regard to interpreting financial data to obtaining real insights and actions on strategic performance. Especially in emerging markets there are various macro-micro economic factors affecting the performance of a business. Hence, from a finance perspective, how would you integrate these factors to your internal performance management? The ‘Strategic Business Performance Management’ programme organised by PwC’s Academy will address the key facts that needs to be considered when crafting business performance management metrics for your organisation.

This workshop will provide you the tools to implement effective strategies and achieve higher performance in your organisation. This programme will also provide you with insights on how performance measurement systems help you to understand the current situation, prioritise action and challenge your strategy. You would be able to manage your organisation more effectively using insightful metrics and excel towards a future with better results.

Key highlights of the programme would include:

• An understanding of the power of performance measurement in guiding strategy execution
• Mapping and Implementation of strategy through measurement of an organisation’s human capital, process and innovation efficiency, customer satisfaction and financial performance
• A realistic view of what balanced scorecards can and cannot deliver
• Understanding of non-financial performance measurements
• Confidence to make strategy actionable through the design of appropriate performance reviews
• Strategic insights on improved resource allocation measures
• Linking strategy with accounting for data driven decision making

A number of real life case studies from leading global business brands such as Walmart, IKEA, Apple, and Volkswagen will be discussed at the workshop and participants will receive an understanding on how these corporate giants consistently create value to their stakeholders through strategic performance measurements within their organisations.

PwC advises clients on enterprise performance management across different industries in different geographic locations, it helps organisations to translate strategy into sustainable performance by implementing budgeting, planning, consolidation, reporting and analytical solutions to provide accurate and timely business performance information. This programme would integrate PwC’s consulting experience with academic research concepts for effective learning.

Haydn Pound is also a talented educator with extensive lecturing and corporate training experience. He is an Adjunct Professor in the Accounting and Strategy departments at INSEAD where he teaches MBA, EMBA and Executive Education programs in Australia, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. He has won INSEAD’s Outstanding Teacher award on multiple occasions. Haydn is a CPA and holds an MBA from the Melbourne Business School and the University of Chicago. In mid-2014 he sold Advant Group Pty Ltd, a technology and services firm he founded in 2008. He consults a range of Australian companies and sits on the Advisory Board of CareGiverAsia, a Singapore-based tech start-up.

This session will be rich in examples. A number of different examples would be brought to the classroom and important concepts will be demonstrated. This will also have a peer learning experience through participants’ experiences and insights. These two days will contain intensive learning which would allow the participants to find valuable insights to manage today’s contemporary organisations.

Workshop will be limited for 30 participants, more than 20 C-suite professionals from leading corporates have registered for the programme to enrich their knowledge on business performance management in emerging economies.

To register please contact or 0117719874.

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