Rate Card

Telco firms have till the weekend to give a final verdict on termination rates proposed in a new cost based study.
Industry giant Sri Lanka Telecom was absent at the Tuesday morning meeting, where the regulator met with the industry to discuss the rates.rn

rnThe study also will set the base for the industrys move towards offering free incoming calls on mobile phones or requiring the calling party to pay for the call. rn

rnThe TRC has previously forecasted a 100 per cent growth in the mobile industry under the CPP regime. rn

rnThe new study was intended to consider interconnection rates under a caller party pays regime, studying international models similar to Sri Lanka at present. rn

rnThe cost based termination rates will be used as a guideline for interconnection negotiations including the proposed reference interconnection offer to be made by SLT to the other operators before the end 2003. rn

rnThe two wireless local loop operators Suntel and Lanka Bell have been identified separately in

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