Reaching Out

The World Bank is focusing on community development projects in the north and south to bring immediate benefits of peace at grassroots level, overcoming structural and man made problems.rn

rnldblquote It is important for the benefits of peace to start flowing to the north fast,
dblquote World Bank Country Director Peter Harrold told Lanka Business Online in an interview.rn

rnldblquote The quickest way to do that is by directly supporting the people in the north and east and help them bring back the facilities like schools, medical clinics, roads and village irrigation schemes,
dblquote says Harold.rn

rnThe World Bank is also evaluating a credit line for the South targeted at solving the water problem in Hambantota, and developing agricultural marketing infrastructure. A US$ 25 mn to US$ 35 mn credit may come for the project.rn

rnBut the North East project, which will be about US$ 50 mn is already underway, though the agency is grappling with difficult problems.rn

rnThe Bank is finding that risk pr

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