Resume Writing Tips: How long should the Resume be?

There is no hard & fast rule to say that a CV must be 2 pages or a particular number of pages, other than in exceptional cases where you can be requested for a certain number of pages. For instance, recently a client was specifically requested for a 2-page resume for a job application in the USA. However, it's always better for your information to be presented in a lesser number of pages. Because the more concise your document, the more successful it will be in getting shortlisted. The trick is to summarise, further summarise and summarise some more! Illustration As much as you want to feed in a load of information, the same information will understate other important information. Always focus on highlighting the critical information that will make you eligible for the job you are applying for. The key to keeping the CV concise (i.e. short yet informative) is that it will have a competitive advantage over the hundreds of other CVs that will be screened for the same position.   Chathurika Jayawardana, Founder, Career Kit - Professional Resumes KIT-CV (This is part of a series about resume writing)
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