Reveal nominees to independent commissions before 7 days: Civil Society

Oct 19, 2015 (LBO) – A group of civil society activists comprising of lawyers and other professionals have requested the government to declare nominations to independent commissions before their appointments.

Attorneys Srinath Perera, Neville Ananda, Sujeewa Dahanayake with social activist Muditha Karunamuni, trade union leader Anton Marcus and journalist Kusal Perera comprised of this group.

These activists have asked the government to reveal relevant details at least 07 days before the appointment of commissions for public scrutiny.

They have also insisted the government to complete the already much delayed appointment of commissions, within 03 weeks from now.

“It was only few days ago the media reported of a person nominated to the Police Commission as one with very serious allegations against him,” the group said in a statement.

“This very decision in nominating a person with allegations against him, questions the responsibility and commitment of this government in having independent commissions.”

The statement further stated that this behavior of the government is very problematic in the face of police arrogance and inefficiency that leaves people agitated and the police with no credibility.

“If this is how the government appoints the Police Commission, we would not trust the government in how other independent commissions would be appointed,”

“We note with regret that there is no difference from that of Rajapaksa era in how this government is going ahead in appointing persons to independent commissions.” the statement further said.

Media reports last week said that nomination process for the National Police Commission, the Public Services Commission, the Human Rights Commission and the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption have already been completed.

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