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RigServ opens global resource centre in SL; Plans to empower local IT sector

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Supply chain and technology consulting company, RigServ, recently commenced operations in Sri Lanka via its dedicated Global Resource Centre which employs 50 subject experts in their relevant industrial areas.

RigServ offers clients industry expertise as well as data-driven, impartial, and creative solutions to their most difficult situations. RigServ was founded in 2014 by operational and technical leaders in Houston, Texas, with the primary purpose of assisting clients and solving difficult business issues in a cost-effective manner.

The firm currently has an impressive repertoire of clients including APM Terminals, Maersk Drilling, Transocean, ARO Drilling, Endeavor Energy Resources, Pinnacle Asset Integrity Services, CVR Energy, and Seadrill.

RigServ’s current active projects include supply chain consulting, technology and systems consulting, supply chain outsourcing, enterprise business intelligence reporting, process improvement, ERP systems management, master data maintenance & cleansing, inventory reviews, full lifecycle software development, business transformations, project management and quality management.

As a member of IFS’s growing Partner Network since 2015, RigServ’s services will extend to areas of: Implementations of IFS’s robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Enterprise Service Management (ESM) software solutions. The new agreement is intended to support IFS's aim of developing an ecosystem that allows enterprises to better penetrate the market by enhancing technology and knowledge resources for IFS products.

“We’re glad to be in Sri Lanka formally and hope to work closely with local talent & expertise to serve our global clientele. RigServ provides supply chain policy and procedure development as well as implementation, management and maintenance of ERP upgrades through proven methodologies and processes that reduce complexity and optimize performance. We are confident Sri Lanka is the ideal destination for an endeavor of this nature given the country’s strategic location & dynamic resource pool,” said Chris Kadavil, Co-CEO/Co-Founder of RigServ.

Coinciding with the launch, RigServ entered into a partnership with the University of Colombo to offer a bursary for 2 technology students per batch for the entirety of their degree i.e., 4 years. In addition, RigServ intends to train & certify IFS applicants who’re fresh out of university in an effort to produce new resources to the IFS ecosystem & provide opportunities to new graduates within the country. Commenting on this endeavor, Co-CEO/Co-Founder of RigServ Christopher Collins said RigServ was thrilled to have partnered with the prestigious Colombo University to mold future professionals: “We perceive this initiative to be a win-win; we gain access to a pool of young, brilliant minds and the prospective trainees are afforded an opportunity to gain international experience & exposure – within Sri Lanka – by working under the mentorship of our experts.”

Meanwhile Kumarakulasingam Rajanathan, Director Operations, RigServ Sri Lanka said they’re privileged to have IFS as a strategic partner given their expertise as well as familiarity with the Sri Lankan context.

RigServ is a world-renowned consultancy in energy & marine sectors & its strategic partner, IFS, is a global enterprise solutions software provider headquartered in Sweden.

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