Risky Business

Government announced plans to launch unemployment insurance as key labour legislation went through parliament recently.The safety or dole would be initially paid to employees who are displaced.rnDisplaced employees would also be able to access an employment database run together with the private sector.rn
Officials say the Jobs database and dole would eventually cover all unemployed individuals and not just the once how are laid off.rn

rnFour key pieces of labour laws went through parliament over the last few days.rn

rnUnions however are up in arms. They say the promised safety net in the form of a dole for laid off workers might be another empty promise.rn

rnAlready the govt doesnt have money to run the country; and country is run with foreign loans, in such a situation how can one trust a mere promise,
dblquote questions one protestor.rn

rnThe authorities however say that the social safety net will be put in place before the laws are enacted. rn

rnldblquote IMF has sent a team of ex

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