Road Bill

Feb 09, 2011 (LBO) – Sri Lanka will need 55.6 billion rupees (500 million US dollars) to make emergency repairs and fully re-build roads damaged in record floods last month, an official said. The damaged roads were mostly in the Uva, Eastern, North Central and North Western provinces of the island.

Pemasiri said road rebuilt in recent years had withstood the floods well, except in the Trincomalee district where Sri Lanka’s longest river the Mahaweli falls in to the sea.

Water rushing to the sea has carved new paths through the land damaging roads in several areas, he said.

Irrigation officials said earlier that from December 15 through January many areas had received three to four times the normal rainfall and some reservoirs had spilled more than ten times their normal capacity, while some spilled for the first time in more than a decade.

Officials say in January torrential rains hit the island twice in close succession flooding land which had been already saturated and spilling over reservoirs which were already filled.

Irrigation authorities have said that about five billion rupees would be needed to make emergency repairs mostly to the canal system, bringing the

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