Rolling Cable

The government is pushing through plans for lquote Visva Grama, a project to roll out modern ICT infrastructure in rural areas.
US 0.06 cents charged on each incoming international call minute will feed the fund, one third going to infrastructure providers as subsidies. rn

rnInfrastructure providers will bid for the subsidy, with the firm quoting the lowest subsidy qualifying to receive monies from the fund. rn

rnThe Finance Ministry administered fund is expected to receive over Rs. 120 mn per month from the telecom sector and will be managed by a development bank. rn

rnTechnology penetration is concentrated in the Western Province, along with the telecom infrastructure. rn

rnOver 66 per cent of the countries telephones were concentrated in the Western Province in 2001. rn

rnThe fund could also pay for communication outlets, fully equipped with all data and voice communication equipment, a proposal included in the e-Lanka initiative. rn