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Rotary Club of Colombo Mid City mark 30 years of successful community service


(PRESS RELEASE) – The Rotary Club of Colombo Mid City marked its first 30 years of service with the celebration of the past , and a call to continue pushing to better serve the community with a night of fellowship on the 02nd of February at the Kingsbury Hotel in Colombo.

The club honored its Charter President, PHF Suresh Mawani and two members who have been active members for the past three decades PHF Kannadurai Arabhinthan (Ari)and PHF Sithambaran Nadarajah (Nada). The club is also granting Honorary life membership to trail blazers Sarinda Unamboowe and Nathan Sivagananthan, who pledged and walked the length of the island as a commitment to peace and raising funds to build a hospital in Jaffna and upgrade the one in Karapitiya.

“This celebration is a time to reflect on our history and achievements,” said Thanuja Madawala Gooneartne , the incumbent President of RC Mid City. “But no Rotarian is ever satisfied with this status quo. They are active and passionate about the work they do, and that’s true of every one at RC Mid City too. There are always new opportunities to serve the community and country.” We need to embrace those opportunities, she added.

The Rotary Club of Colombo Mid City was chartered on the 03rd of February 1987 and in the past 30 years have been actively serving society by providing shelter to the homeless and irrigation facilities in the dry zone, maintenance of orphanages and home for the elders, propaganda campaigns against drug abuse, poverty alleviation, eradication of polio, construction of schools in tsunami affected areas and many other humanitarian projects across the island.

The President and the Board of Directors for the Rotary Year 2016/2017 took office on the 1st of July 2016 and are involved in the following charity projects: water and sanitation, maternity and child care, basic education for children in remote villages, vocational training for the youth in rural areas, peace and conflict prevention/resolution, economic and community development and a one million tree planting project.

The Veheragala, Habarana drinking water project is one of the Club’s flagship projects and at the request of the villagers to assist them with the drought they face for 5 – 6 months of the year, a deep well was constructed to provide drinking water to over 600 villagers who are affected by the drought and also the chronic Kidney disease. Also as part of the Clubs Tree planting project, a project to plant one thousand medicinal trees were initiated in January 2017. Prevention of Drug Abuse and HIV/Aids programme – Nothern Province, is currently in force to bring awareness among the youth in Jaffna & Kilinochchi. An English and Tamil teaching school is in operation under the supervision of a full time teacher,  training youth and children written  & communicative skills in both languages. They have conducted many noteworthy projects over the years and a special mention should be made with regard to the Rotary’s Polio free world programme. Sri Lanka is POLIO FREE today and the World is 99.9% Polio free with the Rotary’s global programme to eradicate polio from the face if the earth. RC of Colombo Mid City have been actively working towards achieving this milestone.

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