Rs50 bln in bonds likely privately placed by Sri Lanka Central Bank

Dec 29, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Central Bank may have privately placed 50 billion rupees in bonds with state funds this month making an exception to its policy to rely solely on primary auctions, sources said.

The central bank issued 744 billion rupees in treasury bonds through auctions this year compared with just 31.7 billion rupees worth of bonds last year changing a policy to directly place a majority of treasury bonds with captive sources such as pension funds.

“From the government securities outstanding on the 23rd, for the 15 December 2020 bond, it seems 50 billion rupees was not auctioned but privately placed. The question is whether this is a change in the stated policy,” a source said.

Sri Lanka’s government had around 1.4 trillion rupees of bills and bonds maturing this year needed to help bridge an annual budget deficit, which widened due to revenue shortfalls.

A senior Central Bank official declined to comment on this private placement.