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Rubbing The Right Side

Sri Lanka used to be the fifth largest rubber supplier to the world a few years ago. But synthetic rubber manufacturers took over the market as age-old production processes left natural rubber producers helpless.

But now the industry is changing face.

A locally manufactured industrial rubber has got oversea buyers ready to bargain.

rnLankaprene rubber is patented industrial raw material, which has got US buyers asking for more.rn

rnExperts say that this rubber will put Sri Lanka back on the map while also directly competing with some of the top synthetic rubber makers.rn

rnldblquote Very positive results. If we get all the target market in the US we dont need another market.

We can even ask them to come over here and put up their plants, dblquote says Lakna Paranavitana, Consultant, Rubber Cluster.rn

rnOfficials from the Rubber cluster, established to track a future path for the industry and the rubber research institute, the patents holders of Lankaprene say this is the break

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