S. Korea asks Sri Lankan returnee workers to claim insurance benefits


The Employment Permit System Centre of the Human Resources Development Service of Korea (EPS Centre of HRD Korea) in Sri Lanka filed claims for returnee workers who previously worked in South Korea and were not compensated for their Return Cost (Air Ticket) Insurance and Departure Guarantee Insurance.

The Return Cost Insurance should be obtained by the worker to meet the expense of his/her return journey while the employer gets the Departure Guarantee Insurance to pay retirement gratuity when the worker leaves the work place.

As of April 2016, a total of 49 applications, 26 for the Return Cost Insurance worth approximately Rs. 2 million and 23 for the Departure Guarantee Insurance worth Rs. 5.6 million respectively, have been accepted.

“The unclaimed amount of payment for this year is nearly Rs. 12.6 million”, said Mr. Jeong Ho-Jin, Director of the Sri Lanka EPS Centre. The returnee workers can verify if they are allowed to file a claim for the insurance via the EPS Centre and Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment website. (EMBASSY OF THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA)