Saaraketha wins gold at NCE Export Awards 2016


Sri Lanka’s biggest retailer and exporter of fresh, certified organic food, Saaraketha Holdings was recently awarded “gold” under the “Other Agricultural Products” sub-sector of the NCE Awards 2016. Organized by the National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka, the awards ceremony was held on 30th September at Colombo Hilton under the patronage of Eran Wickramaratne Deputy Minister of Sate Enterprises and Entrepreneurship. The award was received by founder and Managing Director of the company Prasanna Hettiarachchi.

Saaraketha Holdings was founded in 2008 with the aim of supplying ethically produced, fresh and affordable food to all. As an island blessed in abundance with fruits, vegetables and spices, Sri Lanka has ample resources in terms of produce as well as a highly-skilled farming community who for centuries have nourished the nation but sadly gone unnoticed. The underlying aim of Saaraketha is also to uplift the lives of the farming community in the country by educating and engaging them in a lucrative trade.

Saaraketha is a one-top certified-organic shop for all your food needs. Certified organic by the Control Union in Netherlands, their extensive product portfolio of more than 200 products includes organic fruits, vegetables and spices, organic heirloom rice and grains, organic dehydrated fruit, greens and herbs, organic cocoa and cashew, and organic coconut and allied products. In the simplest terms, they have a complete organic meal in a basket. Staying true to their efforts in keeping the company completely environmentally viable and sustainable, all Saaraketha produce is packed in Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP) which is recyclable while enhancing the shelf-life of the produce. Saaraketha delivers right to your doorstep making it convenient for anyone who wishes to switch to a healthier lifestyle. Taking the convenience factor globally, Saaraketha also ships their produce to anywhere in the world. For those who wish to literally “pick” their own produce, Saaraketha’s own flagship store is located at Streat 360, Ward Place, Colombo 7.

Growing organic food was once a way of life for many communities spread around the island. Saaraketha is therefore striving to revive this ancient craft by first reviving the livelihoods of the farmer communities. By creating entrepreneurs, Saaraketha has been successful in uplifting the lives of more than 3,000 farmers and their families nationwide including war-widows, ex-combatants and families devastated by the 30-year civil war. The company brings in the expertise in terms of market demands, accessing non-traditional markets and finance management.

Believing in making “organic” a natural way of life again, it is Saaraketha’s multi-faceted efforts that were recognized at the NCE Awards 2016. Selected by an eminent panel of judges, the award recognizes the efforts made by a company to positively impact the nation’s export sector. (Media Release)