Sanders wins three more states, eyes turn to New York

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Mar 28, 2016 (LBO) – Bernie Sanders who won Democratic presidential primaries in Alaska, Washington and Hawaii over the weekend, said he maintained hope of chipping away at the lead of fellow democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, with eyes on the New York primary on April 19.

“Momentum is with us,” Sanders said on CNN’S State of the Union news program. “A lot of these super-delegates may rethink their position with Hillary Clinton.”

Sanders won each state by a significant margin. In Washington state, Sanders won with 73 percent of the vote with 101 delegates up for grabs.

In Alaska, Sanders won with 82 percent of the votes for a share of 16 pledged delegates. In Hawaii, he took 70 percent of the vote for a share of 25 pledged delegates.

Still, Clinton leads the race with 1,712 delegates to 1,004 for Sanders, which includes super delegates, according to a tally by It takes 2,383 to win the nomination.

The senator from Vermont needs to win up to two-thirds of the remaining delegates to catch Clinton, and he is turning his attention to native New York, where Democratic voters will divide up 247 delegates on April 19th.

“The Deep South is a very conservative part of the country. Now that we’re heading into a progressive part of the country, we expect to do much better, he told the AP wire service.

Meanwhile, Republican Ted Cruz blamed Donald Trump for a report in the National Enquirer claiming “political operatives” are looking into rumors that the Texas senator had multiple marital infidelities.

Trump denied he or his campaign had anything to do with the National Enquirer report.