Sanjeev Gardiner Invests in Quintessentially Sri Lanka and Maldives

(PRESS RELEASE) – into Quintessentially Sri Lanka & The Maldives the world’s leading source of intelligence, access to and curated lifestyle services for the global premium audience.

Quintessentially provides Colombo’s CEO’s, corporates, property moguls with access to more of what they love and get their invaluable time back.  The dynamic and expert South East Asian team work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year curating one-off, bespoke unparalleled experiences across travel, private aviation, property and education, whilst also tending to daily, practical requests. Accommodating to Members in this way allows a generally more complex lifestyle to be simplified in order to deliver time efficiency and quality. Unlike other concierge services that can recommend the best restaurant, Quintessentially knows the chef, the manager and the best table to sit at, whether it be a Michelin-starred restaurant or a trendy brasserie.

On a more local aspect, Quintessentially organises high scale events that cater to their discerning members and an extended niche market – for instance, the Quintessentially Christmas Atelier is an annual affair which brings together handpicked designers and brands in Colombo in order to provide shoppers with a unique experience, as well as organising personalised private events for Members, with utmost sophistication and attention to detail according to the individual Members’ preferences.

.“It’s like having a highly connected, global personal assistant, who will pull out all stops to get reservations at exclusive restaurants in Europe, that brand new pair of Yeezy Boost, or a submarine trip to visit the Titanic” said Quintessentially Sri Lanka & The Maldives’ Director, Niro Cooke.

Gardiner invested in the company having recognised the growing opportunities in the luxury hospitality and travel sector and the increasing demand for personalised, memorable experiences.

“There is a growing demand for bespoke travel and other lifestyle services in Sri Lanka” said Sanjeev Gardiner, Chairman of Galle Face Hotels together with a few other equally famous properties. “The investment is in line with my overall plan of raising the bar of local hospitality and travel industry in Sri Lanka and offering services and products that are available for a similar clientele in global markets. Quintessentially’s offering here in Sri Lanka can be accessed by their global Members, which adds to attracting luxury tourism” he added.

Niro Cooke said he was happy that a personality such as Gardiner had come on board as an investor. “The Quintessentially brand encompasses an automatic association with exclusivity and luxury, something which Mr. Gardiner has grown up being surrounded by, in the iconic Galle Face Hotel. His investment, and more importantly his involvement in Quintessentially’s future in this market is very valuable to both myself and my partner Suren Mirchandani. We are all very bullish on the hospitality future, and see Sri Lankans demanding better services and access to global brands and experiences, things which, Quintessentially has prided itself on since inception in the UK back in 2000”

“Quintessentially caters to a growing market of affluent Sri Lankans who are looking to experience the very best the world has to offer; to enable this Quintessentially leverages its long term relationships through its global offices to seamlessly provide an unparalleled service. In today’s context, information is easily available, you can look up the best restaurants or bars online, but that won’t necessarily get you a table; the chances are, our local office knows the management, and that changes everything” Cooke went on to note.

“Many Members of Quintessentially tell me when I meet them socially, that they simply can’t live without their Lifestyle Managers” Says Suren Mirchandani; “Quintessentially is my first port of call for a restaurant recommendation or reservation, if I need to buy someone a gift, or even source something for myself – they know what is sought after, and exactly where to get it.”

According to Quintessentially, no request is too big or too small.

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