Satellite Guided

Officials from the CA Sri Lanka overseas chapters

July 09, 2010 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Sala GIS (Geo Information System) has developed the country’s first GPS (Global Positioning System) map, where a space-based network of radio navigation system satellites can assist motorist find directions and plot routes. “This includes all the main roads and by-roads in Sri Lanka.”

Sala ProSat is operational anywhere in Sri Lanka including the former war ravaged north and east.

Over 100,000 landmarks, places of interest, police stations, fuel sheds, banks, hospitals, hotels, parks and places of worship have already been pre-programmed on the Sala ProSat GPS.

“This will give you alternate routes if you are stuck in traffic,” Wijewickrama said. “Thus users will save fuel and time to a great extent.”

The unit can also be programmed to work on voice command in English, but plans are underway to develop a Sinhala version in the near future, Wijewickrama said.

The GPS system despite being commercially available for more than a decade was banned in Sri Lankan due to the 30 year civil war.

GPS navigation systems are widely used in marine, aviation, financial services, defense, security, transport, emergency services and disaster management sectors.

The 3.5 inch Sala ProSat GPS unit is

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