Sea Battle Continues

In early March the WRS was completely scrapped by the London Lloyds
quote War Risk Rating Committee, following heavy diplomatic lobbying and an independent security audit on Colombo port.

rnrnAll members of the India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Ceylon Conference (IPBCC) have scrapped the WRS on the Colombo/Europe route, but some members continue to charge it on other routes, a statement issued today said.

rnrnldblquote Some members of IPBCC charge the WRS on other routes, which serviced by the same vessel that serve Colombo/Europe route. There is no logic to this surcharge
dblquote , statement said.

rnrnShipping lines that are continuing with the WRS are gaining short-term profits at the expense of the image of Sri Lanka, statement added.

rnrnMeanwhile, some unscrupulous freight forwarders have charged the WRS from importers while it has been found out that the shipping line in concern has not imposed the surcharge.

quote Council has urged the authorities act fast to control these frau

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