Serendib Awards to honor Sri Lankans in Australia


In true Kandy Perahera-style with Red carpet & black tie, Grammy style the small but active
multicultural Awards is happening in heart of Melbourne for Sri Lankan community who
celebrates its annual awards for excellence – The Serendib Awards – with a grand festival, on
Friday 2 October 2015 from 05.30pm onwards at The Grand, 90 Cathies Lane, Wantirna

A unique symbol of Sri Lanka, the procession will consist of many traditional local dances
such as fire-dances, whip-dances, Kandian dances and various other cultural interpretations.
The Serendib Awards is an event held to honour those Sri Lankans who have made great
strides in a range of sectors including business, professional, women, senior citizen, youth
and non Sri Lankans who have achieved milestones in entrepreneurial ways to engage with
and be a part of the Australian economic and social landscape.

Organizers and Sri Lankan media entrepreneur, Mr. Virosh Perera says that probably these
awards are the first of its kind in any multicultural community in Melbourne where youth,
emerging businesspeople and entrepreneurs of the community are recognized for their
contribution and their achievements in their adopted land.

“To me this is only a small way in which I can encourage the Sri Lankan community to
continue to prosper in their chosen fields and to give back to their communities both here and
overseas, also this is one of a kind event that showcasing Multiculturalness to the world
involving 15 Brand ambassadors from 10 countries and celebrating to its highest standards in
the corporate circle” says Mr. Perera.

“Australia is a land of abundance and Melbourne is a hotbed for those wanting to ‘have a go’.
With opportunity aplenty, all those who seek to succeed need to be nurtured and
acknowledged so that they are encouraged to do bigger and better and take young people
along with them.”

The Serendib Awards features “Celebrity Chef & Culinary Arts winner Gunnies World
Record Holder Mr. Keerthi Hapugasdeniya” with the Holy Grail being the “Sri Lankan of
the Year ” to be announced at 09.30pm. (Media Release)


Virosh Perera


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