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Seylan Bank: Alternative Small Business Export Loan Funding Made Simple


Small and medium-sized enterprise turn into big businesses

Today's start-ups are tomorrow's industry leaders, provided they can manage their early expansion in a sustainable way. For the Sri Lankan economy to be successful, it will need more home-grown export companies that can keep pushing the boundaries and expanding their operations.

Choose the right bank for the business expansion

Small businesses dominate agriculture, real estate and construction. They also have a big presence in professional, scientific and technical services; hospitality; and retail trade.

In fact, this is one of the main reasons small and medium-sized enterprises should look at options like Seylan Bank because it can help small, fast-growing companies to maintain a consistent cash flow with support and mentoring from experts.

Small Business Export Loan from Seylan

Securing finance for new export initiatives is a key challenge for many SMEs.

The Small Business Export Loan offered by Seylan Bank provides small to medium export businesses with low 6%-8% interest rates helping to secure an export contract or an overseas buyer.

A key advantage of this Small Business Export Loan by Seylan Bank is SMEs don’t need to share control with a third party stakeholder, such as a private equity or venture capital firm.

The main objective of this attractive export loan scheme by Seylan bank is to help businesses looking to grow through exporting.

The Small Business Export Loan has been developed to meet the needs of small exporters, with a focus on convenience and speed throughout the application and approval process.

Helping small and medium-sized enterprise and Sri Lank’s economy

For Sri Lanka’s economy to grow, it needs plenty of export small businesses, passion and confidence to turn big ideas into concrete business initiatives.

Traditionally, SMEs find it difficult to secure export finance through banks, particularly when exporting to emerging markets.

Good news is that Seylan Bank is offering 6% to 8% low interest loan along with the below added free facilities

Personalized financial support

Quick loan approval process

Dedicated team of experts from the bank to support the export SME.

How to apply for the small and medium-sized export enterprise loan?

Call 011 2456 762/87 to grow your entrepreneurial dream to the next stage.

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