Seylan Bank enables Tikiri kids with latest robotic technology


Tikiri Kids and Seylan Bank officials at the Robotics Workshop

Seylan Tikiri, which has empowered thousands of children by inculcating the habit of savings, embarked on another major initiative, where the bank’s Cinnamon Garden branch successfully concluded the first workshop on educating the nation’s future generation with state-of-the-art robotic technology.

The initiate saw the participation of many Tikiri kids and the workshop was conducted in two main phases. Whilst phase one focused on educating the children with basic coding mechanisms, the second phase tested the implementation of the coding to real robots. Mentored by the higher officials of Seylan bank, the workshop also enabled kids to understand and develop solutions that had real impact on their respective projects.

Understanding the technological growth among kids globally, Seylan Bank is committed to empower the nation’s future workforce with the latest robotics technology, thus creating more opportunities to pursue their big ambitions.

The workshop also enabled kids to improve their problem-solving skills, teamwork and design solutions that potentially have real-world value.

Having set a strong record with innovative and exciting propositions in the Children Savings Account category, Seylan Tikiri takes pride in becoming the first children’s savings account which has taken an active part in empowering the nation’s younger generation with robotics technology.

The workshop concluded with an award ceremony recognizing talented Tikiri kids coupled with a networking event which focused on fostering positive thinking amongst children.

(Media Release)