Shedding Weight

The government is to offer voluntary retirement to at least 10,000 state sector employees every year starting from 2003, as it plans to cut around 100,000 jobs in the clerical and lower grades.rn

rnExecutives and higher grades will not be targeted for retirement, officials say. Officials say a detailed analysis of all government sector jobs is underway. rn

rnUnder the scheme government servants have been subjected to a census, which is in its final stages.

Treasury officials say the findings of the survey will be analyzed before drawing up final plans for the voluntary retirement scheme.

This follows the government plans to cut around 30% of its workforce.rn

rnOfficials say donor support has already been sought to offer the scheme on a staggered basis.rn

rnTreasury secretary Charitha Ratwatte earlier said that a work-study would also be done on government institutions to determine their staff requirements before a VRS is offered.rn

rnVoluntary retirement in the state sector is already underway.

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