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The Shippers Council membership has launched a fresh campaign to get vessel operators to include the Terminal Handling Charge in to the freight rate.
Shippers say that this will enable them to transfer the over US$ 100 a container handling fee, to the freight payee.

rnrnFOB exporters like the garments sector are the worst hit by the terminal handling charge.

rnrnThe Shippers Council backed by exporters and Ship Agents are now sitting down to talk about it.

rnrnBut the shippers and the ship agents are having trouble seeing eye to eye.

rnrnHowever the threat of government intervention has forced the ship agents and ship owners from pulling out this time.

rnrnThe issue is quite simple.

rnrnThe Shippers Council wants the terminal handling charge or THC incorporated in to the fright rate. But the shipping lines say they cant move away from internationally accepted practice.

rnrn”It is basically a recovery of cost that a ship owner incurs to load or discharge. It is a matter of principle, k

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