Sinhala Chat

The next release of Microsoft Windows will include Sinhala text support, a Council For Information Technology (CINTEC)committee is working on the details to get there.
CINTECs Sinhala Font Committee Chairman, Dr. Gihan Dias told Lanka Business Online that Microsoft would look at including Sinhalese text support in its next version of Windows. rn

rnMeanwhile, the Committee is working to establish a standard set of fonts for the internet before the end of the year. rn

rnTaking off from the existing Unicode characters for Sinhala, the Committee is expected to draw guidelines to develop fonts, websites and software.rn

rnThe guidelines will instruct developers on how to incorporate and use the Unicode characters in their work. rn

rnDr. Dias says that Unicode characters have been around since 1999, but has scarcely been used since then. rn

rnReasons for its unpopularity revolve around its difficulty to understand and use. rn

rnIn addition, Committee members say some adjustments are also required