SL and Singapore explore strengthening cooperation in maritime, port development and aviation sectors


High Commissioner of Sri Lanka to Singapore Senarath Dissanayake met with Minister for Transport and Second Minister for Finance of Singapore Chee Hong Tat, recently and discussed potential collaboration between the two countries on shared initiatives.

During the meeting, High Commissioner Dissanayake provided an overview of the opportunities in Sri Lanka, particularly in the maritime and port development sectors. He detailed the Sri Lankan government’s plans to transform Colombo Port into a green and eco-friendly port by 2030, focusing on renewable energy sources and in line with the principles of a blue ocean economy.

Minister Chee Hong Tat highlighted Singapore's efforts in maritime decarbonization and digitalization, aimed at enhancing efficiency, resilience, and sustainability in international shipping. He emphasized the importance of a global network of ports using cleaner fuels to achieve these goals. The Minister added that ports in several countries, including China, Japan and Australia, are already part of the Green-Digital Shipping Corridor programme.

In response, the High Commissioner expressed interest in joining Colombo Port in Singapore's Green-Digital Shipping Corridor initiative and acknowledged the potential for collaboration. The Minister assured that he would explore the feasibility of a partnership between Sri Lanka and Singapore ports.

In addition, Minister Chee suggested that Sri Lanka could explore the possibility of producing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), leveraging its renewable energy potential. SAF represents a promising opportunity for the aviation industry, aligning with global sustainability goals.

High Commissioner Dissanayake, acknowledging Singapore's advanced technological capabilities and innovative standards, requested support for training and knowledge transfer for Sri Lankan officials in the port and aviation sectors. Recognizing the importance of exchanging expertise and fostering stronger ties in these key areas, the Minister mentioned that Sri Lanka could benefit from training programmes offered by various Singaporean authorities, including the Singapore Aviation Academy, the Maritime Training Facility and the Maritime Port Authority.

Deputy Director (Future Mobility) and Special Assistant to Minister Choo Jun Quan, Acting Deputy Director (International Relations) Chan Guolong, and Executive (International Relations) Dominic Lim joined the Minister during the meeting, while the High Commissioner was accompanied by the Minister and Head of Chancery of the High Commission Ahamed Razee, and Minister (Commercial) Yasantha Yaddehi.

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