Small Change

Compensation as an alternative to reinstatement was removed from the amendments, one of the few changes made to the original amendments to four labour related acts proposed by the Ministry of Employment and Labour.
The change was also in line with Union protests to remove the clause from the amendments.rn

rnOther changes included time extensions for resolving disputes, responses and other deadlines. rn

rnDates for implementing changes to the Termination of Employment and Industrial Disputes Acts were reserved for the minister in charge. rn

rnLabour unions however continue that the amendments would take away their job security and that employees could not accept the changes until the proposed safety net was in place. rn

rnMinistry officials say an International Labour Organisation (ILO) proposal to set up social security system for redundant workers was due on January 15.rn

rnldblquote The ILO consultants will submit their first draft proposal on the social security net programme. The draft w