Small Hands

Dr. Harsha Cabral PC

A white paper on wide ranging reforms to support and strengthen the small and medium sector has moved from the drawing board to the government for approval.

rnBacked by the Asian Development Bank, the reforms form the basis of a proposed national policy on SME
quote s, with a draft action plan spread out over 8 years till 2007.rn

rnThe policy is expected to strengthen the enabling business environment for SME
quote s, improve access to financing as well as enhance the capacity of the Sri Lanka Business Development Services sector to effectively deliver services to SME
quote s.rn

rnThe SME sector has time and again attracted interest with various support programmes introduced facilitate growth of the sector.rn

rnBut no clear policy has guided development or increased its competitiveness, with previous efforts often seen as biased towards large-scale enterprises.rn

rnSmall scale enterprises have been defined as those with assets not exceeding Rs. 20 mn (excluding land and buildings), and medium enterp