Soft Hopes

A Microsoft spokesperson said they hoped that greater awareness would encourage computer users to consider purchasing original software. rn

rnIn addition they feel that when companies like Microsoft take an interest in growing markets like Sri Lanka, it highlights the importance and advantages of using original software. rn

rnldblquote Price would definitely be a factor and would never be able to compete with the price of pirated software.

rnHe added that technological advancements now enable us to control software use. rn

rnldblquote Windows XP needs an activation code, without that the programme will expire itself within a designated period of time.

rnldblquote Sri Lanka is only following the trend many developed countries have taken before software piracy was addressed by the state and software merchants,
dblquote he said.rn

rnThey added that the company would assist local authorities
quote crackdown on piracy and implement stringent laws to protect intellectual property

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