Sri Lanka and India to strike nuke deal, accident response

Oct 12, 2012 (LBO) – Sri Lanka and India will move towards striking a comprehensive agreement on civil nuclear co-operation, a joint statement issued after the first discussions between the two countries on the issue said. At the first round of talks held in Delhi representative from foreign ministries of the two countries and the Department of Atomic Energy of India, Sri Lanka’s Atomic Energy Authority and the Ministry of Power and Energy had taken part.

Sri Lanka had earlier voiced concerns over a possible fallout from an accident at nuclear reactors in Southern India.

The discussion held in New Delhi were “warm, friendly and cordial” the joint statement released by Sri Lanka’s foreign ministry said.

“Both sides exchanged views on all aspects of civil nuclear cooperation and reaffirmed their commitment to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the uses of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes to mutual benefit of the people of the two countries,” the statement said.

“It was agreed that the two sides would work towards a comprehensive Agreement on Bilateral Civil Nuclear Cooperation.

“Discussions included, inter alia, training of officials, nuclear safety and response to nuclear accidents.”

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