Sri Lanka bans 60 food products on melamine fears

Oct 17, 2008 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s health ministry has banned the import and sale of 60 food products as a precautionary measure following the melamine Chinese milk contamination scandal. Many countries have pulled melamine-contaminated sweets and drinks from supermarket shelves amid the widening scandal over Chinese milk products tainted with the toxic chemical.

Melamine, which is usually used for making plastics, has been detected in snacks made in China by food multinationals.

Since first appearing in baby milk formula, melamine has been found in a range of products containing Chinese milk. The products include milk powder and those using milk as an ingredient such as chocolate and biscuits.

The information department said in a statement the Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition had taken the decision on the basis of counter measures taken by several other countries to remove contaminated food stocks.

“Supermarkets and all other sales outlets have been advised not to sell banned items,” said the statement on the information department’s website.

Authorities are currently investigating the possibility of contaminated Chinese milk powder being used in other produ