Sri Lanka beckons foreign workers

May 17, 2013 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s post-war economic revival and tightening labour markets are throwing up opportunities for workers from abroad, including those who had left the island, business and state officials said. Central Bank Governor Ajith Cabraal said at the launch of the website that soon after he qualified as an accountant in 1976, about 40 percent of his batch left the country.

Then during the 1983 nationalist riots against Tamils, during the 1987-89 insurgency in the South, the group got further diluted.

But he said now not everyone was looking to leave and there were opportunities in Sri Lanka. The five hubs (knowledge, commercial, energy, shipping and aviation) also needed skilled people, where people from outside could bring fresh ideas and value.

“The five hub needs people who can contribute on acontinued basis,” Cabraal said. “We also have to bring in fresh ideas from outside and we also have to have people who can work with the rest of the world.”

Increasingly he was hearing anecdotes of people working in Sri Lanka informally in skilled and also non-skilled areas.

“[A]nother story that I heard few days ago is that when you want to get a nice jacket stitched, I am told that th