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Sri Lanka builds more mini-hydro, wind power plants

Nov 07, 2010 (LBO) - Sri Lanka is building more mini-hydro and wind power plants but needs more technology transfer to ensure better use of renewable energy, officials said.
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Energy produced from wind and solar plants varies depending on the availability of wind and sunlight and hence cannot be used as base load power.

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"There are now 200 megawatts of small hydro power running and another 200MW are under construction," Wickremasinghe said.

The country's first commercial wind power plant began generating energy this year, he said.

Three wind power plants with a capacity of 10MW have been built in north-western Puttalam, a site considered ideal for wind power, and there are plans to build a total of 30MW of wind power plants.
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"The wind power plants operated satisfactorily during the last monsoon," Wickremasinghe said.

"We hope to have more wind power plants not only in coastal areas but in other areas as well. We hope to develop more wind energy in Balangoda, (southeast of Colombo) and other windy areas," Wickremasinghe said.

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The international renewable energy conference planned for November 26-28 is expected to draw about 120 participants fr

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