Sri Lanka businesses warned on planned media curbs

June 07, 2013 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s businesses had been warned on the future effects on liberty in the island following attempts to impose fresh controls on the media through a ‘code of ethics’. Government officials have said it does not amount to a new law but critics say the island has a history of undermining liberties of the individual which has in turn hurt the economy and business.

A free flow of information is essential for businesses to operate and succeeded and especially to have an international reach.

Chandra Jayarantne, a head of Sri Lanka’s Chamber of Commerce and financial sector executive has written an open letter to business leaders.

-An Open Letter to Business Leaders-

Drop your Myopic Eye View in Reviewing the Code of Media Ethics

-Chandra Jayaratne-

Business Leaders, it is essential that you urgently review, the recently circulated œCode of Media Ethics of the Ministry of Mass Media and Information. This review must be undertaken discarding a shortsighted perspective. It is sincerely urged that you enter the public debate of the draft ˜Code’ with open eyes, without fear or prejudice, but with the past history etched clearly