Sri Lanka canned fish factory explored by Thai firm

June 11, 2013 (LBO) – Thai Union Manufacturing Company is planning a fish canning factory in Sri Lanka and a team is expected to arrive later this month to conduct a feasibility study an official said. “Sri Lanka is importing large amount of canned fish right now,” National Aquatic Resource Agency chairman S G Samarasundara said.

“So it is profitable for them to produce it locally.”

Thai Union Manufacturing Company is said to process about 400 metric tons of tuna daily and exports them to countries such as United States, Japan, Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand and to European Union countries.

“Currently they are getting 96 percent of fish from other countries to Thailand and exporting canned fish back after doing a value addition,” Samarasundara said.

Sri Lanka is also exporting tuna steaks to Europe and also to Japan using the catch from deep sea fishing craft that use long lines.

But mainly imported tinned fish including mackerel and pilchards are used to be consumed by people who cannot afford fridges, as well construction workers and others who wanted a quick meal is taxed at 75 rupees a kilogram.

Such import protection allows a locally based manufactur