So far 200 complaints of electoral and general law violations: PAFFREL


July 20, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s election watchdog PAFFREL says the organization has received 200 complaints in relation to 203 electoral and general law violations by yesterday afternoon.

Among them, 17 are related to acts of violence and 20 incidents of electoral and general law violations.

As per the PAFFREL statistical report of election law violations which covers the pre election period, a total of 5 hospitalizations have been reported to date.

50 violations relating to abuse of state power, resources and misusing state sector employees have also been reported.

There were 136 other violations including 73 incidents of carrying out illegal election propaganda, the report showed.

Most number of complaints were received from North Western Province (35) where 28 incidents were reported from Puttlam district.

27 complaints from Sabaragamuwa Province and 26 complaints from Uva Province have also been reported.