Sri Lanka Customs expedites cargo clearing process


Mar 01, 2016 (LBO) – Sri Lanka Customs has accelerated its cargo clearing service to minimize delays for importers and exporters.

As per the new directions, every piece of cargo will be cleared within 3 days unless it has a legal issue or pending investigation.

Customs Director General Chulananda Perera told reporters Monday that the containers detained for further investigations, will also get released within 8 days.

“Unlike in the past, containers detained for further investigations will be stored in one place for inspection,” Perera said.

“Investigations are to be carried out under a director enforced to conduct an investigation in the presence of an importer or exporter,” he said.

“Anyone who experience delays in this new process can direct their issues to 0112 470945 hotline.”

Sri Lanka Customs recently released a report conducted in 2014 which measured the time taken for Customs processes.

It has been focused to identify bottlenecks and remedial steps to improve the prevailing systems and processes that exist as obstacles for speedy clearance of the goods.

When analyzing the overall results, substantial delay has been identified between the time from the Doc-Center to the Examination yards.

These are the recommendations of the study.

 Allocate sufficient staff to receive the CUSDEC at the Face-Vet counter.
 Shift Doc-Center process closer or within the Declaration processing area. (i.e. It is important to note that this has to be amalgamated with SLPA process too in order to obtain effective result)
 Implement Automated channel selection
 Take suitable measures to allow the Cargo through the port exit gates with minimum delays by the Customs Preventive Staff.
 Avoid delays in between Doc-Center and the examination yards (i.e. discussing with SLPA and transporters)
 Reveal the reason for delay in the container traffic. (This has occurred mainly the cargo movement is started in the afternoon as a practice).
 Establishment of container facilities near the port exit gate (Outside the NCT Gate) in the adjoining lands and avoid container movements in public roads prior to the Customs examination.