Sri Lanka cuts corporate income tax

Nov 22, 2010 (LBO) – Sri Lanka will cut corporate income taxes from 35 to 28 percent except for tobacco and alcohol, while income taxes for casinos, a newly legalized industry will be set at 40 percent, a budget for 2011 said. At present companies and non-governmental organizations are taxed at rates around 30 percent, 33.3 percent and 35 percent, the budget speech said.

But income taxes on tobacco, alcohol and casinos will be raised to 40 percent.

A manufacturer exporting under a Sri Lankan brand name will be taxed at 10 percent, down from an earlier 15 percent.

Corporate tax on financial institutions has been cut from 35 to 28 percent. Another income tax like tax of 20 percent (financial VAT) has been cut to 8.0 percent.

But the firms will have to put in the equivalent of 8.0 percent of financial value added tax to a an investment account with Sri Lanka’s central bank for three years.

The money has to be used by the banks to give to “grant long term loans at a lower rate of interest” the budget speech said. The interest from such loans are to be free of income tax.

A tax exemption for charities engage in education has been removed, while the same applies for charities engaged in environmental

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