Sri Lanka cuts government spending over foreign visits and security measures


Sep 23, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s cabinet on Tuesday decided to cut government spending over various activities and introduced a new criteria to adopt in expending government funds.

The Prime Minister has focused the attention of the following;

• Minimizing to the maximum level foreign visits by the Ministers, State Ministers, Deputy Ministers, all elected public representatives, and Government officials,
• Even in undertaking essential foreign visits, to include in the delegation only persons who will be required to participate in such delegations.
• To reduce the number of security vehicles and security personnel to maximum possible level for the dignitaries and peoples representatives who have been provided with security vehicles and security personnel
• Making these conditions and stipulations applicable to regional authorities, security forces, state institutions, established Boards of Government, and State Owned Companies as well.

Meanwhile Cabinet of Ministers has also decided to instruct the Secretaries to the Ministries to take necessary steps to re-acquire vehicles being used by persons who do not hold official positions.

The number of registered vehicles belonging to Ministries, Departments and Government Institutions numbers to 59,160.

A considerable number of these vehicles are still being used by the Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Parliamentarians and those who function in various positions of the former government but not functioning in such positions at present.

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6 years ago

Sooner we catch up with the rest of the world people of the country gain.Code name for the excercise can be “Ahasin Polowata”.

6 years ago

Thank god that the government is long last tackling this stupid extravagance.